EastEnders Laurie Brett has no plans to return to relentless soap as Jane Beale


FORMER EastEnders star Laurie Brett has no plans to return to the “relentless” soap as Jane Beale.

The 50-year-old actress says she still gets people coming up to her in the street and calling her Jane, saying it is a “huge compliment”.

EastEnders’ Laurie Brett has no plans to return to ‘relentless’ soap as Jane Beale

But she admitted playing Ian Beale’s longsuffering wife in the BBC show for 13 years was enough – and she won’t be returning after quitting in 2017.

Admitting that it left her feeling burnt out, she told Sunday People: “It’s the hardest gig on telly.

“It’s just relentless and I couldn’t believe just how knackered I was when I left.

“It’s all-consuming and the thing is that when you’re in that bubble you don’t even realise how all-consuming it is.

“But you know what happened? I left there, I had a rest, I fell in love, I got married, I had a life!

“I had the most brilliant time there and I have friends there but I’ve got no plans to go back.

“The door’s open and it’s a never-say-never scenario but I’m just really enjoying exploring other stuff at the moment.”

She added: “I’ll always be Jane Beale for a lot of people.”

Laurie married her Dennis Longman last year and has one child.

She is currently starring alongside David Tennant in Deadwater Fell for Channel 4, as tough DC Gemma Darlington.

The drama sees a house fire devastate a closeknit community in Scotland.

Jane Beale was last seen in EastEnders in 2017 when she was forced to leave the Square by a vengeful Max Branning who tried to kill her after setting fire to the restaurant.

Last year, fans called for Jane to return, when Bobby Beales mental health issues worsened.

When Jane was last seen, she was wheelchair bound after Bobby viciously attacked her with a hockey stick.