EastEnders Leo King discovers Whitneys diary as she pretends to get back with him to help Kush


WHITNEY has landed herself in a spot of bother in EastEnders after Leo King managed to get hold of her diary.

She is also pretending to get back with the psycho in the hope she can persuade him to change his statement and keep Kush Kazemi out of prison.

Whitney visits the hospital where Leo is being treated

Stall owner Kush was arrested after he accidentally pushed Leo over a balcony in Monday’s episode.

Whitney along with the Slater family are trying to do whatever they can to keep Kush, nicknamed by Mo as “muscles”, out of prison.

Kat, the boyfriend of Kush, is looking through a diary that Whitney has used to record all the evil things Leo has done to her, including the date, time and if any witnesses were present.

Mo demands that Whitney takes the dairy to the police in an attempt to help them see Leo’s true colours and get Kush off the hook.

Whitney tells Leo she wants to get back together with him
She lies to help save Kush

However, Whitney has other ideas as she visits Leo in the hospital in the hope she can pretend to get back with him in the hope he will change his statement.

Whilst waiting for him by his bedside, Whit is once again writing in her diary and Leo can see her scribbling away from outside the room and as he enters, she quickly puts it back in her bag.

Whitney became very apologetic and said all the things Leo would want to hear, to make him think they are both on the same page.

As she went to get something from the canteen, Whitney left her bag with Leo and even though it was not shown on screen, the troubled stall owner must have used that moment to make his move and take the diary.

The diary she is keeping about Leo’s activities

Once she returned, Leo told her that she would tell the police he got it wrong about Kush.

A relieved Whit kept up the facade and told Leo she wants things to “go back to how it was at the beginning”, before Leo responded by telling Whit “I love you”.

Back on the square, Whitney assured Kush, who had been released on bail, that everything will be alright now that she has convinced Leo to change his statement.

But that could be about to change as Whitney frantically searches her handbag for the dairy which is missing and she is unaware it is now in the hands of nemesis Leo King.

Whitney kisses Leo

Fans were terrified about the turn of events, with one person saying: “Leo knows Whitney is playing him…”

Another added: “Why is Leo not on the psyche ward. He needs professional help and Whitney is playing with fire”

A third said: “Whit never learns hes gonna kill her”