EastEnders New Year spoilers: Shock split, two serial killers and Sharon’s deadly revenge on Ian


EASTENDERS has revealed a devastating love split for a beloved couple, a shocking revenge plan gone wrong and TWO serial killers running amok in Walford in 2021.

The Square will kick off the New Year with an emotional episode that sees Mick Carter confront his abuser Katy Lewis, however, she has a dastardly plan up her sleeve to put a stop to his fight for justice.

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Serial killer Lucas Johnson is back with Gray Atkins also at loose around the Square

But that’s just the beginning with a host of explosive storylines coming up.

With Mick’s marriage hanging in the balance, the return of his son Lee could help him deal with the truth.

And his daughter Frankie will make a return now Mick knows she is his daughter.

Ruby Allen’s vile plot to get rid of husband Martin’s son Arthur will take more twists and turns – but will she push him away?

Gray has killed his wife Chantelle and Tina Carter
The New Year kicks off with an emotional episode with Mick and his abuser Katy

There is also set to be a shock love split and a host of new romances blossoming in the Square.

Elsewhere serial killer Lucas and Chelsea’s re-emergence into Denise’s life will take an surprising turn, Sharon starts to see the real implication of her shocking actions and Kheerat teams up with an unexpected family.

But darkness simmers under the surface of Albert Square as Gray covers up another murder. 

As the truth is left undiscovered by any living soul in Walford for now  –  will he get his comeuppance before he strikes again? 

Max Branning’s exit after 15 years is set to be explosive

Executive producer Jon Sen teased: “One of the big moments of last year was the death of Chantelle and everybody’s asking the question of when Gray will receive his comeuppance. 

“The soap gods never forgive something like that and we need to see Gray pay, but I’m going to keep when that’ll happen close to my chest but it’s something we’ve talked about a lot. 

“Sharon isn’t about to let Ian off the hook that quickly, her poisonous plotting is just getting started and she wants to avenge Denny’s death once and for all.

“There’s some brilliant stories coming up for Stacey and Ruby, there’s obviously much more to play with Lucas’ story as the real aftermath of his re-emergence comes to bear on Denise’ life. 

“We’ve got the ongoing story of Callum and his duplicity in having gone undercover against Phil, all the while Ben is none-the-wiser and only falling deeper in love…

“We’ve got some really great stuff for the Panesar’s as we see Kheerat team up with an unlikely family on the Square.

“After 15 years, we’re set to say goodbye to Max Branning and it’s safe to say he’ll go out in dramatic style.”