EastEnders shock as Sam Mitchell reveals her true plan after return to Walford


EASTENDERS’ Sam Mitchell revealed she was behind her own shooting during tonight’s episode – and is planning to destroy her brother Phil’s empire.

In the week’s episodes – that are now available to watch on iPlayer – was dramatically shot in the family’s war against gangster Jonah.

Sam Mitchell revealed she was behind her own shooting during tonight’s EastEnders

But in a shock twist this evening, it was revealed that Jonah wasn’t behind the shooting.

Instead, Sam herself was revealed to be the mastermind of the plot against her brother Phil’s businesses.

After an epic face-off before the launch night of Peggy’s, thugs entered the building and threatened Kat Slater and Sharon Watts.

The women faced off against the men after assuming they were sent by Jonah to intimidate them.

But as Kat refused to back down and rowed with the hired thugs – one of them pulled a gun and decided to shoot her.

Shirley confronted Sam over the shooting

There was a near-miss with the gunshot – terrifying Shirley who was hiding in the office after smashing up the club.

With Shirley hiding, Sam made her way to the club and confronted the men.

But after the men demanded access to the safe – and came in contact with Shirley’s baseball bat, things spiralled out of control.

The men panicked and pointed their guns at the women.

At the last second Sam threw herself into the path of the bullet, saving Kat from being shot – and putting her own life at risk.

Shirley worked out what Sam had been up to

She was rushed to hospital and her life was saved.

But in a later episode, Sam revealed that she was behind it all.

Meeting up with the thugs, she handed over payment for their services.

“You weren’t meant to shoot me,” she said as she handed over the cash.

But as the men asked if they were done, Sam told them: “Oh no, I’m just getting started.”

However, there was another twist at the end of the week’s episode when Shirley worked out what Sam had been up to.

After confronting Sam, Shirley blackmailed her into cutting her into her scam.

But soap fans aren’t convinced the plan will work.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Sam’s schemes always blow up in her face.”

A second said: “When the truth comes out Sam is gonna lose everything, she didn’t think her plan through #EastEnders.”

Another added: “I hope Shirley’s recording Sam’s confession #EastEnders.”

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