EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell arrested as Peter Beale declares war


BEN Mitchell’s feud with Peter Beale deepens after it is revealed it was he who attacked him.

Next week in EastEnders, the wedge between the pair appears irreparable when the latter gets his uncle arrested for assault.

There’s more trouble brewing for Ben Mitchell
The troublemaker is arrested for Peter’s assault next week

Ben attacked his nephew by mistake during his vigilante rampage against homophobes

After witnessing his husband Callum get beaten by a band of homophobes in January, Ben Mitchell (portrayed by Max Bowden) set out on a rampage, targeting anybody displaying homophobic behaviour.

Unfortunately, this led to him mistaking his nephew Peter Beale (departing actor Dayle Hudson) for a man named Steve and Ben attacked him.

Coming up in the BBC One soap, a police officer updates Peter, Rocky Cotton and Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) on finding the attacker but admits they’re not having much luck.

While authorities have remained clueless, both Peter and his grandmother Kathy know Ben is responsible – but the former wants his uncle brought to justice for what he’s done.

As Kathy refuses, protecting Ben from any more harm, she tries to make things up to Peter and prove to him she loves him.

But when she rushes off to support Ben after an incident with his estranged husband Callum whom he’s desperate to get back, Peter feels neglected.

The bickering between Ben and Peter intensifies and Kathy is at her wit’s end as she tries to push them to make amends.

In a desperate attempt to establish peace within her family once again, she organises a games night to celebrate Rocky’s birthday, insisting both Ben and Peter must be present.

Lola Pearce, Jay Brown and Harvey Monroe are also all invited.

Later on, when Rocky’s party is well underway, Ben couldn’t be less interested in taking part in the games… and realises the event is all about him and not Rocky.

Tensions flare again between him and Peter and a huge argument ensues.

Ben shares some upsetting words to Kathy before dropping a bombshell which could make the entire family implode.

But the worst is yet to come when everyone wraps up the party.

When the gathering draws to a close, Kathy is shocked to see the police arrive to arrest Ben after Peter reported him for the assault.

Ben is warned by his father’s lawyer Ritchie Scott that things could get worse for and he could be sent down for Peter’s attack.

Kathy tries to talk to Peter while her son is at the police station but is heartbroken when he refuses to back down.

The Prince Albert owner eventually gives the police her statement, trying to cover for Ben.

But could the troublemaker meet the same fate as his father Phil, who was thrown behind bars earlier in 2022?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

Ben is also trying to overcome the trauma from his rape

Will his feud with Peter make things worse for him?

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