EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell botches proposal to Callum Highway in tense scenes


EASTENDERS’ Ben Mitchell manages to mess up one of the most important moments of his life – asking boyfriend Callum Highway to be his husband.

The mechanic – played by Max Bowden in the BBC soap – recently opened up about his relationship with the cop to pal Jay and admitted he wants to pop the big question to him.

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Ben Mitchell wants boyfriend Callum Highway’s hand in marriage – but manages to mess up the proposal

But his idea of getting down on one knee is far from romantic.

When Callum isn’t allowed to pick up Ben’s daughter Lexi from school, he hatches a plan that conveniently allows him to dodge asking the question.

Lexi’s teacher doesn’t allow the copper to take her home because he’s not one of the people on the list of names that are allowed to.

After Ben asks if it’s okay for him to be added to it, Lola explains that he’s not family so it’s not going to happen.

Callum is left disappointed and upset when Ben asks him to be his husband

The bad boy has a chat with Callum and says that they should go to the registry office to get married, so that he can be put on the list.

However, Ben’s idea leaves Callum feeling unloved and that he’s doing it for the wrong reasons.

With help from Lola and Lexi, Ben realises what he’s done and tries to make it right.

There’s definitely trouble in paradise between the pair considering Callum has his doubts about marrying Ben – and it’s not just because of his unromantic proposal

Callum has a secret he’s hiding from the Mitchell family

Viewers will know that Callum’s boss DI Steve Thompson blackmailed Callum into snitching on Phil Mitchell to save Ben from going to prison.

When Callum’s brother Stuart found out about this he decided to take matters into his own hands and attack the dodgy policeman.

But now that Thompson is alive and well he’s back to his old tricks and has blackmailed Callum by saying he’s going to tell the Mitchell’s what he did behind their backs.

Could Callum reject Ben’s hand in marriage because of the secret he’s keeping from the rest of the family?