EastEnders spoilers: Dotty Cotton exposes Ian Beales part in Dennis Mitchells death


EASTENDERS’ Dotty Cotton is going to discover Ian Beale’s secret role in Dennis Mitchell’s death.

The mechanic – who is played by actress Milly Zero in the BBC soap – was the one who exposed Dennis’ harassment of Bobby Beale that led to the violent attack on him.

Dotty is going to realise what Ian did next week

She found out on the boat that Bex Fowler had told Ian but didn’t know what he had done – but she soon will.

And next week she’s going to realise that Ian played more of a role in Dennis’ death than anyone thinks.

Ian’s going to be guilt-stricken by his actions of locking Dennis in a room and waiting too long to rescue him to get them both out alive.

With everyone calling him a hero for trying to rescue Dennis, Ian will be left squirming when he thinks only he knows the truth.

Dennis sent mum Sharon a message when Ian locked him in the room
Ian is going to be left struggling with his guilt

But as viewers saw last night Bex remembers what she told him – leaving him raging.

And when he tries to cover his tracks things take a turn when Dotty discovers the voice note Dennis left for his mum telling her what Ian did.

Further problems arise when Dotty clashes with Ian and Peter steps in and warns her to stay away, and she’s left furious when Shirley tells her she’s closing The Arches.

Dottys mood improves when she finds the garages business phone with numerous messages about jobs.

Meanwhile, Ian struggles with his guilt and when Kathy urges him to support Sharon, Ian seeks out Dotty and warns her to keep quiet.

Later, while having lunch with Bex, Dotty listens to the messages but shes stopped in her tracks by one voicemail and rushes out.

Dotty seeks out Ian and plays him the voicemail Dennis pleading for Ian to let him out of the boat.

But what will she do with the power she holds?