EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning blackmailed with video nasty of him behaving very badly

EastEnders,19-10-2022,6576,Jack Branning (SCOTT MASLEN),***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2022***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

BEING a police officer doesn’t help Jack Branning escape the drama in Albert Square.

Next week in EastEnders, the character played by Scott Maslen is blackmailed with a video of him and Sam Mitchell.

Jack Branning is the target of a blackmailer

He receives a video of himself behaving badly

Soon enough, his wife Denise also receives the clip

Jack is in for a lot of trouble in upcoming scenes of the BBC One soap after his daughter Amy (portrayed by Abbie Burke) makes the decision to be intimate with Denzel Danes.

After assaulting the lad, trying to restrain him by holding him up against a wall, Jack is reported and he finds out he will be the target of an inside investigation.

He’s then surprised by Sam (Kim Medcalf) when she offers him support – before she leans in for a kiss.

Unbeknownst to Jack, somebody is lurking in the shadows, filming them.

Later on, the Walford troublemaker is touched when Jack suggests their son Ricky spends the day with her.

Jack keeps his teenaged daughter Amy on a tight leash after her plans with Denzel went awry but he’s stunned when he receives a video of Sam kissing him from a mystery sender.

To make matters worse, Jack the discovers he’s been suspended from work following his outburst against Denzel.

Horrified and in shock, Jack goes to the Fox’s to apologise to Denzel… but his wife Denise (Diane Parish) also receives the video of Sam kissing Jack.

Could this mean trouble for Jack and Denise’s marriage?

Sam and Jack were romantically involved in 2009, embarking on an affair after he employed her much to her brother Phil’s dismay.

The illicit romance resulted in Sam giving birth to a son named Ricky.

While she raised him alone during the first few years of his life, and despite initially wanting to put him up for adoption, Sam eventually left the lad in Jack’s care in 2016.

Sam had gone to carry on with her life in Portugal, where her other older brother Grant started afresh.

Meanwhile, Jack became romantically involved with Denise, whom he married in December, 2020.

But could the marriage suffer?

Who filmed Jack and Sam together?

Could Sam be involved?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Jack and Sam spend time together

But somebody films them together