EastEnders star Shona McGarty says Whitney is changed forever and broken after killing evil stalker Leo King


EASTENDERS star Shona McGarty has revealed her character Whitney Dean has been “changed forever” as she was left with no choice but to kill demented stalker Leo King.

Fans witnessed the shocking ending to the BBC soap last night, which saw Whit fight for her life as the possessed Leo try to murder her, before ending up dead himself.

Whitney killed her stalker Leo in an act of self-defence

Whitney is finally rid of her nemesis Leo, who tried to kill her after convincing himself that she is responsible for his father Tony King’s death.

In a crazed act of rage, he tried to kill her in honour of his father, but was stabbed in self defence and Shona believes her character is now “broken” amid fears she could end up in prison.

Speaking to The Mirror, Shona said: “Whitney likes to think that its over but deep down she knows it’s not because even though Leos gone, hes still going to win.”

She continued: Whitney has now killed someone and whatever happens next, thats not something she can ever forget. I think it could change Whitney forever.

Whit in shock as she realised what she had done

Tony abused Whitney as a child in 2008 and his son Leo refused to believe his father could be capable of such an act.

For months he pretended to be a sweet, caring and genuine person that eventually Whit eventually fell for, something she would later come to regret in a big way.

His most recent creepy act was hiding out in Dots attic and spying into Whitey’s bedroom, while plotting to murder his ex-girlfriend in honour of his father.

Leo’s fate was sealed when he was stabbed in the heart when fighting to take the knife away from Whit.

The moment Leo was stabbed with the knife that he was going to use to try and kill Whit

Shona, 28, explains her character’s mindset, commenting: “Whitney feels guilty, distraught and is completely broken, she doesn’t know which way to turn.

“She does feel like it was an accident but shes worried people wont see it that way because of the circumstances, no one was there to witness what happened.”

She added: “She does also feel guilty that its Leo as well, its tragic he didn’t believe that his dad was a paedophile and Whitney knows that he was. Its really awful and sad.”

The star expressed her enjoyment in filming the very intense and emotional scenes with the man who brought the twisted Leo character to life, Tom Wells.

Leo terrorised Whit as he refused to believe that his father abused her as a child

McGarty then admitted:Its also nice to have happy storylines but I do prefer playing the darker dramatic stuff. As an actress, I really enjoy getting my teeth stuck into a storyline, I’ve been really lucky.

Next week, fans of EastEnders will be treated to an explosive boat disaster in honour of the soap’s 35th anniversary.

Shona, whose character will be part of the tragedy, said filming on the River Thames was very different experience to that of the usual setting of Walford.

She said: It was cold and wet but it was cinematic, dramatic and it felt like you were doing a really big film. I absolutely loved it! You feel like youre all doing something so different, it was very heightened.”