EastEnders stars Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins tease explosive Christmas for the Beales

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ALBERT Square will be welcoming back two of its most iconic characters in upcoming scenes.

Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins are reprising their roles in EastEnders and they’ll get their share of drama for Christmas.

Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins are reprising their legendary roles

Cindy Beale was revealed to have taken a new identity as Rose Knight

But how will their reunion play out?

Christmas in Walford is never a peaceful affair and, once again, soap bosses have decided to put some fan favourites through the wringer.

Earlier this year, six of the Square’s most beloved matriarchs were thrown into a macabre flashforward which saw them stand over a mystery dead man.

The BBC One program teased a blood-curdling Christmas murder mystery and viewers have been scratching their heads when trying to find out who the victim could be.

Bosses only gave away small clues – the man will be dressed to the nines and wear cufflinks.

Much like any soap fan, Adam Woodyatt has been left in the dark and is anxious to know if his character Ian Beale could be the one to get the chop.

“If you buy me cufflinks…”, he warned EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw during a recent chat with HOAR.

Questioned about the whodunnit, the executive producer refused to give away any clues on whether Ian could be the one to be murdered.

However, he did hint that Ian and his former wife Cindy are due for some drama in Walford and their own Christmas celebrations will be nothing short of eventful.

“It’s Ian and Cindy’s first Christmas back in Walford and it will be a big Christmas in the Beale house”, Chris teased.

A huge family reunion is in the works, particularly as Peter Beale will also make his way back to Walford.

“Yes, Peter is back, he will be returning later in the year”, Chris added.

But how will he react to his parents’ return?

Could he forgive Cindy for making everyone believe she was dead?

Viewers of the London-based program got the shock of their lives when Cindy returned to EastEnders with a massive reveal she’d taken a new identity.

Cindy was killed off-screen in 1998, leaving Ian to move on from their marriage and raise their children alone.

Little did anybody know, Cindy had actually taken on the name of Rose and married George Knight, giving him two daughters.

She then walked out on her new family in 2014 and left the home without a trace – just as her daughter Lucy Beale was murdered.

But what really happened to her?

How will the Beales’ first Christmas back in Walford turn out?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Cindy was killed off-screen in 1998

But she’d actually taken on a new identity
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