EastEnders Stars Natalie Cassidy and Jacqueline Jossa Reunite for a Cute Snap


Former EastEnders co-stars Natalie Cassidy and Jacqueline Jossa delighted fans when they bumped into each other during a night out and snapped a quick photo together.

A Joyful Reunion

Jacqueline, who played Lauren Branning in the popular soap, couldn't contain her happiness as she posed alongside Natalie, who portrayed Sonia Fowler.

In the photo's caption, Jacqueline referred to their characters' family connection, saying, "Bumped into cousin Sonia @natcass1 Adore you!"

Natalie quickly responded with a simple "Love you!"

Fan Reactions

Unsurprisingly, fans were thrilled to see the two actresses together again. One commented, "Fantastic photo of both of you," while another gushed, "You two lovely ladies look absolutely gorgeous!"

Recent Returns

Jacqueline, who left EastEnders in 2018, has made two brief comebacks in the past year. She appeared for Dot Cotton's funeral in December and also took part in the Cindy Beale comeback storyline in June.

In contrast, Natalie has been associated with her character Sonia since 1993, with various breaks in between.

Could Jacqueline Return Full-Time?

During an interview, Jacqueline hinted at the possibility of returning to EastEnders on a permanent basis. She said, "When I went back recently I was nervous, but I was literally like: 'I could stay here forever.' I love it. This is the best job in the world."

She further expressed her passion and happiness for her work on the show, stating, "Since going back to EastEnders, I've had that little fire in my belly again…that creative side."

Could Jacqueline's return become a reality? Only time will tell.

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