Eastenders: Where is Kat Slater as Kush struggles to look after her son Tommy


KUSH Kazemi was left heartbroken last night in EastEnders after failing to notice that Tommy Moon could be potentially dyslexic.

But what fans really want to know is where is Tommy’s mum and Kush’s girlfriend Kat Slater? Here’s everything you need to know about Kat’s absence on the BBC One soap and whether she’ll ever be returning…

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Kush has been looking after Kat’s son Tommy following her disappearance

Where has Jessie Wallace gone in EastEnders?

It was revealed at the start of the year that Jessie had been suspended from EastEnders after allegedly drinking on set

Bosses held a crisis meeting and decided it was best if she took a break from the soap for two months

Kush was gutted that he’d failed to spot that Tommy might be dsylexic

What was Kat Slater’s exit storyline in EastEnders?

Fans were left baffled when Kat Slater received an urgent call while she was in the Queen Vic last month. 

She told the mystery caller to calm down, before breaking the news to devastated boyfriend Kush that she was leaving. 

She then promised to text him and insisted she’d be back, before marching out of the pub.

At the time, fans were convinced it was Stacey on the other end of the phone and that the pair will return together one day. 

Fans are baffled by Kat’s disappearance, given that it’s left her boyfriend Kush looking after her son Tommy.


One fan tweeted: “How has Kush got lumbered with that lot when he had his own place and Kat ain’t even there???? #EastEnders.”

Another added: “Ain’t it awful the way Kat Moon ‘as left poor little Tommy. Kush is doin’ ‘is best but the boy needs a mother. #EastEnders.”

A third fan said: “The amount of love and care Kush has for Kat’s children.”

Kat left the Square after a call from a mystery person

Will Kat be returning to EastEnders?

Kat has been written out of the soap for two months, but now that EastEnders has been taken off air due to the coronavirus pandemic she could be off screen for much longer.

It’s possible that Kat won’t return to EastEnders until after the end of this year.

But EastEnders are yet to speak out about Jessie’s return to the soap, and fans will have to tune in to find out more.

Why is Tommy struggling at school in EastEnders?

Tommy left fans in tears when he confided in Kush earlier this month and told him he was being bullied at school over his academic difficulties. 

And Kush was left distraught on last night’s episode when he realised Tommy might be dyslexic – and that he’d failed to notice. 

Kush met Tommy’s teacher Isaac at the school gates and asked him to look out for the young lad. 

Isaac later bumped into Kush in the stall, who asked again how Tommy was before saying he was probably “worrying about nothing”.

But Isaac replied: “I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but he is struggling. The head of year’s going to pull his mum in for a chat after the holidays.

“It’s possible Tommy is dyslexic, it’s nothing to worry about. The school provides one-to-one support and I will help in any way I can.”

Kush felt terrible that he’d had no idea but when Isaac asked if Kush wanted him to have a chat with Tommy’s mum, Kush immediately shut him down and said he’d deal with the issue.