EastEnders women rocked by huge event during Queen Vic lockin

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LIFE in Walford has sometimes left Albert Square ladies confused, damaged and heartbroken.

Yet when they decide to blow off some steam during a Queen Vic lock in, the EastEnders women are rocked again.

Linda Carter allows the Albert Square women some time alone after closing The Vic

Most ladies of Walford are facing turmoil

And a huge event reminds them of how fleeting some life moments can be

When all else fails them, Square residents have the habit of turning to The Vic for advice or company.

But when the iconic pub closes one evening next week, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) allows the ladies of Walford to have some time to themselves while everybody else heads off home.

Coming up next week on BBC One, the women bond over their shared experiences, moaning about the men in their lives.

However, it’s soon clear that everything can change for them in a flash – as proven by Linda Carter who lost her estranged husband Mick soon after agreeing with him to give their marriage another go.

An event is set to remind them of how fleeting life can be.

And it’ll be no surprise for viewers that the ladies need to clear their heads to cope with all the drama around them.

Linda is first rocked by a photo of former mother-in-law Shirley and Dean (a man who raped her) from Carly.

As she breaks down in the hallway, away from prying eyes, she finds comfort in the Katy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) and the pair have a heart-to-heart.

Meanwhile, Linda’s pal Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) revels in her passionate reunion with Keanu Taylor but their happiness is short-lived when Linda announces she’s received a counter offer from Nish and Suki for Mick’s half of The Vic.

Sharon is enraged by the deceit as she was getting ready to buy the share from Linda and she confronts the Panesars.

But there’s more – the gym owner is heartbroken when Keanu receives a voice note from Sam Mitchell hinting at their past romance.

As some fans will remember, Sam (Kim Medcalf) and Keanu had a fling while she was living abroad.

Sharon banishes Keanu from The Vic, making it clear to him that he may have blown all his chances with her.

Elsewhere in the Square, Denise Fox (Diane Parish) feels awkward when she meets her husband Jack Branning for a drink at The Vic and spots Ravi Gulati in the distance.

She kisses Jack to prove a point to Ravi, as well as herself, but when the copper leaves for a work commitment, a drunk Denise makes a new move on the hunky gangster.

Ravi refuses to take advantage of her in her drunken state and turns her down, only for Denise to lash out at him and forcing him to leave.

Denise later seeks advice from Sharon, who’s had her fair share of love triangles in the past, as she secretly tries to validate her feelings for Ravi.

How will all of them handle their respective turmoils?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

What will they learn?

Will their moment of peace be interrupted?
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