Eight Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Vanessa’s drunken fight and Paul’s sneaky move


EMMERDALE’s Vanessa Woodfield struggles to cope on the first day of her chemotherapy and ends up in a drunken fight with a student in a bar.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…

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1. Vanessa feels distanced from Charity

Vanessa and Charity can’t stop arguing in Emmerdale next week

Vanessa feels all alone as the first day of chemotherapy arrives. 

But she puts on a brave face and urges Charity to stay at home when Moses gets ill.

The worried vet is then surprised by Kerry at the hospital.

Kerry insists on keeping her company and the pair agree to put the past behind them.

But when Charity arrives at the hospital she’s not happy about the development and starts to cause a scene. 

Later, Vanessa and Charity argue once they’re back at home. 

2. Vanessa goes out with Rhona

Vanessa gets sick of Charity’s selfish behaviour when she kicks off about Kerry accompanying her at the hospital

Vanessa is frustrated by Charity’s selfish behaviour and turns to Rhona for support. 

The pair decide the time is right for a boozy night out to celebrate Rhona’s birthday. 

But Rhona senses something isn’t right when Vanessa bets a student that she can beat him at a game of pool

After winning the game with the student, Vanessa wants to celebrate and starts ordering in more drinks – much to Rhona’s dismay.

3. Vanessa fights a student

Vanessa’s drunken antics do the rounds on social media – much to Charity’s horror

Disaster strikes when one of the students insults Vanessa and she starts a fight – which is captured on camera. 

Charity is far from impressed when she sees the video doing the rounds on social media.

4. Charity struggles to cope

Charity feels a million miles away from Vanessa

Vanessa feels awful about the drunken incident and her arguments with Charity and tries to make it up to her. 

But when Vanessa asks a big question of Charity, she’s left speechless. 

When Charity falters before answering, Vanessa realises there’s still a rift between them. 

Will they realise they need each other now more than ever?

5. Dawn makes a big decision

Dawn is worried to see the bond between Lucas and his foster parents

Dawn gets in contact with Lucas’s social worker and asks for advice on how to deal with her son’s issues. 

The social worker suggests Dawn get in touch with his foster parents.

Dawn does as she suggests but is devastated when she sees Lucas’s close bond with his foster parents and worries that her son should stay with them. 

6. Will puts his foot in it

Will confronts the foster parents of Lucas in Emmerdale

Will is angry when he hears that the foster parents have upset Dawn. 

He decides to take matters into his own hands and storms off to confront them. 

But is he going to make things worse – as usual?

7. Paul stalks Vinny

Paul starts working at the scrapyard but doesn’t tell Vinny he’s his dad

Paul starts working at the scrapyard right under the nose of Vinny – who has no idea who Paul is. 

Will Paul reveal his identity as Vinny’s estranged father?

And if he doesn’t, might Mandy be the one to come clean first to Vinny?

8. Belle panics

Belle is dismayed when her hair appointment clashes with Andrea’s

Belle panics when she realises her hair appointment is at the same time as Andrea’s. 

Worried that she’ll give something away about her affair with Jamie, Belle wonders how to get out of the situation. 

But judging by the spoiler pic above, it’s already too late.