Emmerdale Drama: Caleb Miligan in Agony as Nate Robinson Makes Shock Choice


Tensions Rise in Emmerdale

Caleb Miligan is found in agony as Nate Robinson makes a shock choice in Emmerdale. The tension between the uncle and nephew has reached new heights as their complicated family drama unfolds.

Ruby's Ultimatum and Caleb's Dilemma

Ever since the affair between Caleb and Tracy was exposed, Nate has been out for revenge. Ruby, Caleb's wife, struggles to fit in with the Dingle clan and issues an ultimatum. Will Caleb choose his wife or his family?

Uncertain Future for Rhona Goskirk

Rhona Goskirk faces a day in court as her ex, Gus, twists the knife. The former couple's feud intensifies as they navigate the aftermath of a shocking revelation. Will Rhona be able to turn the situation around?

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