Emmerdale fans baffled as Aaron and Liv ‘go missing’ from their own house – and Cain doesn’t mention it


EMMERDALE fans are baffled as Aaron and Liv go missing from their own house – and Cain doesn’t even mention it.

The DI Malone storyline continued on Wednesday’s episode, with most of the main scenes taking place in Aaron’s house.

Cain was in Aaron’s house – but with no Aaron

Malone threatens Billy Fletcher with a 10-year prison sentence, so village hardman Cain agrees to do a final job for the corrupt copper.

While this storyline started when Liv and Aaron were away from the village, they have since returned.

Which makes it particularly strange that neither of them were in their house at the same time as Cain and the gang.

Also, Cain is currently living in Mill Cottage – which makes his appearance there more peculiar, according to fans.

Aaron was nowhere to be seen despite being in the office

Fans were very confused, with one person saying: “Where the hell is aaron???!!”

Another added: “And where’s Aaron to veto all of this (since it’s his house and Scrapyard!)”

A third said: “#Emmerdale It’s Aaron’s house and his scrapyard right”

This comes after Malone discovered Billy and Cain were double-crossing him after the police found his 4×4 in a field.

The pair kept the car as leverage in the hopes they could use it against him one day.

They are being blackmailed by the corrupt policeman

As revenge, Malone blackmailed Billy into doing a dodgy job for him so that he wouldn’t go down for a police officer’s assault.

Cain fights with Will about getting them into the mess, and Billy comes to tell them about the ultimatum.

As he does, Malone comes in and asks for their answer. Cain rejects the deal at first, but eventually agrees.