Emmerdale fans break down in tears as Faith Dingle makes an emotional confession to Eric Pollard


EMMERDALE fans have broken down in tears as Faith Dingle made a heartbreaking confession to Eric Pollard.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Sally Dexter in the ITV soap – is dying of terminal cancer and has a bucket list of things she wants to do before it happens.

Faith made a grand declaration to Pollard

Eric was shocked to hear what she had to say

Tonight, after a heart-to-heart with Chas, Faith told her daughter not to make the same mistakes she had and to hold on to good man Paddy.

And then Faith went to tick off another item on her to do list – seeing former love Eric.

“This is a nice surprise,” said Eric.

“I just wanted a quick word,” said Faith as Eric wittered at her forcing her to tell him to shut up. 

“Could you just shut up and let me say what I’ve got to say. I haven’t got time for politeness.”

She added: “I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

“I’ve been kicking myself for not giving it a go and being a proper couple and spend our lives together.

“I love you. I never said it when we were together but I’m saying it now while I still have the chance.

“You’re a wonderful man and you always made me feel so special.

“And I am so grateful to have had you in my life.”

Eric was overcome with emotion and told her: “I’m the lucky one. Faith Dingle you are an incredible woman.”

Faith replied: “You do seem to attract them. I’m so glad you’ve got Brenda in your life because I know she’ll look after you once I’m gone.”

With that she walked away, and viewers were left in floods of tears at the scene.

One wrote: “Faith and Eric man. I’m not crying, you’re crying”

A second said: “Faith’s scenes are just so poignant” followed by a crying emoji.”

Another added: “Awww Faith”

Actress Sally Dexter is leaving the soap
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