EastEnders shock as Janine Butcher finds a new ally to destroy Linda Carter


EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Janine Butcher recruited Jada Lennox in her scheme to destroy Linda Carter.

The soap superbitch – who is played by actress Charlie Brooks in the BBC soap – set Linda up for a prison sentence after crashing her car and framing the alcoholic for it.

Janine attempts to recruit Jada in her scheme to destroy Linda Carter

Janine showed off her great cunning skills in a bid to get Jada on her team

But tonight as Linda became determined to prove what Janine did, Janine took a desperate step to deal with Linda.

After rowing with Jada over the drugs that put Amy Mitchell in the hospital, Linda was taken aback by Jada’s insults and she sacked her on the spot.

Denise followed her and pleaded her case – but in the process Janine overheard.

And she wasted no time in going to find Jada to use it to her advantage.

“I heard what happened and I think it’s outrageous that you’re being treated like this,” she said.

“It sounds to me like there wasn’t a word you said that wasn’t true but yet again the whole world rallies around Linda.

“And she just gets away with it like she always does, and do you know what it will be the same in court next week.

“She’ll just turn on the waterworks and she’ll have the judge eating out of the palm of her hand.

“Those kids, poor Annie and Ollie. What sort of life are they going to have with a drunk like Linda for a mum?”

Janine kept twisting the knife to manipulate Jada.

“You lose your job and Linda gets off scot free,” she added.

“So how about you and me come together and we do something about Linda once and for all?”

Jada agreed but fans were left horrified.

One wrote: “What a totally evil b****. Not being funny but is Mick Carter really worth all this seriously?.”

A second said: “Oh no Jada is teaming up with Janine.”

Another added: “This is going to backfire massively Jada is already in the doghouse.”

Janine tried every trick in the book to get Jada on board

Janine kept twisting the knife to manipulate Jada and it might just have worked