Emmerdale fans convinced they have uncovered Cain Dingle’s shocking secret


EMMERDALE fans are convinced Cain Dingle has been in contact with his brother Caleb for years.

The hardman – who is played by actor Jeff Hordley in the ITV soap – made a furtive phone call to a mystery person tonight and fans are convinced it is his long-lost brother.

He was visited in prison by wife Moira and son Kyle with thanks for the surprise presents he arranged to be sent for the kids.

Kyle received a model car – and couldn’t stop gushing about it.

It even managed to have him forget about him killing Al Chapman and his dad taking the blame.

But when they mentioned it to Cain in prison, it was clear that he had no idea what they were talking about.

And when he found out what the car model was – a Golf GTI model – something appeared to click in Cain’s mind.

Later in prison Cain made a phone call – and he wasn’t happy.

“Stop sending the letters,” he shouted.

“I’m not interested in anything you have to say. Just stay away from my family.”

But then it took a turn with Cain inviting him to prison for a visit.

“If that what it takes come here on Christmas Day and we’ll sort this out face to face,” he said.

And now fans are convinced it’s his long-lost brother Caleb – and they’ve known each other for years.

One wrote: “Cain on the phone to Caleb… #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “Is that we have to look forward to Cain’s brother turning up? As if we haven’t got enough of that lot already. Merry Christmas!!”

Another added: “fs Cain it’s your long lost brother that only u knew about.”

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