Emmerdale fans delighted as Paddy finally discovers Chas’ affair – and confronts her in the best way

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EMMERDALE fans have been left cheering as Paddy finally discovered Chas’ affair – and confronted her in the best way.

Paddy (Dominic Blunt) has had no idea Chas (Lucy Pargeter) was sleeping with Al before his death and planned to leave him, taking their daughter Eve with her.

Emmerdale’s Paddy confronted wife Chas after finally finding out about her affair with Al

Chas was shocked when he took her to ‘Lacewing Cottage’

In tonight’s episode, Paddy and Chas were seen heading off for a night away, with Chas having no idea where they were going.

They eventually pulled up in another rural village and Paddy led Chas to a pretty home.

Confused, Chas asked where they were and her husband replied: “Do you really need me to tell you? Lacewing Cottage…that’s got to ring a bell.”

A look of realisation dawned on Chas’s face and as she turned to Paddy he said: “I take that as a yes! So this is it, the stuff that dreams are made of.

“Not my dreams, your dreams… yours and Al’s.”

Emmerdale viewers had to deal with an ad break before the fall out continued, with Chas asking how he found out about the house.

He said Chloe had been talking about Al buying a place for his “bit on the side” and her daughter, and then added: “When Belle said that you were leaving me, it fell into place.”

He then asked his wife if she had loved Al before he continued to confront her about how she had consoled Al’s fiancee Kerry after his death as well as letting Chloe accuse other people of being Al’s mistress.

“You played us like fools” he added.

As they continued to fall apart, Chas said: “I can’t excuse any of this, it doesn’t even feel as if any of it was real, not any more.

“None of this was to hurt you, or anyone. It was an escape valve, it was a release from reality and it just snowballed, I can’t even explain.”

But Paddy was having none of it, saying: “I can understand you wanting to escape after everything that’s happened, but that doesn’t explain why you were so horrible to me, pushing me away all the time, snapping at me for anything and everything.

“You loving him…did it really mean you had to hate me?”

Chas insisted she didn’t hate him, but Paddy didn’t back down, recounting how his dad had warned him about her and Al years ago.

He continued: “After everything we’ve been through, after Grace, after your mum, I thought we’d finally made it.

“I thought we were beyond all this, I thought we were deeper and I thought we were stronger.

As Paddy’s heartbreak played out across the episode, Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter to comment on how he confronted Chas and how they felt for him.

One wrote: “Paddy Kirk you beauty. You’ve played a blinder. I never thought you had it in you.”

Another added: “Gwaan paddy!!”

A third tweeted: That was a power move, Paddy. Fair play for exposing Chas in such a genius way!”

Paddy told Chas she and Al ‘played him like a fool’

Emmerdale fans were delighted to see him confronting her