Emmerdale fans fear for Vinny Dingle after he’s left unconscious after high stakes poker game seriously backfires


VINNY Dingle’s poker game skills gets him into trouble as he is attacked by newcomer Darren and left unconscious.

The young widower has turned to gambling to cope with the death of his wife Liv Flaherty.

Vinny is beaten and robbed

But things get out of hand for the Emmerdale scrap dealer after a poker game with a stranger and dodgy dealer.

New face Darren kept raising the jackpot and was left amazed by Vinny’s luck as he won £10,000.

But later, Darren overhears David calling Vinny a “card shark” and “hustler,” leaving Darren furious and gunning for Vinny.

Feeling scammed, Darren turned up at Vinny’s flat to confront him.

Vinny told him: “The game is over.”

But Darren replied: “Oh no, the game is just getting started.”

Even though Vinny protested that he won fair game, Darren was full of rage and revenge.

Darren said: “I don’t like being made a fool of, and I just found out you did make a fool out of me… and I can’t let that go.”

Vinny continued to insult his card playing skills.

He said: “Bigger the money, bigger the idiot.”

A fuming Darren punched Vinny in the stomach leaving him gasping for air.

Viewers next see him unconcious on the floor with a bloody nose.

Meanwhile, Darren has stolen all of the winnings and ran away.

Fans were left fearing for Vinny’s future.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Vinny has been beaten up. Flashbacks to when Paul beaten him up a few years ago. #Emmerdale.”

Another wrote: “Darren have you seen Mandy? She’ll kill you if you hurt her little boy! #emmerdale“

A third penned: “Vinny doesn’t deserve to get beaten up.”

Is this the last we have seen of Darren?

Coming up, Mandy is horrified when she finds him bruised and beaten.

Mandy lets Vinny know she didn’t want him to follow in his gambling father’s footsteps.

Vinny becomes aware of how badly he’s spiralled and apologises to Mandy for his recent behaviour.

But Mandy doesn’t hold it against him and, instead, offers him a room at the Dingles’.

While Vinny moves into the home, Mandy comes up with an idea which could considerably help him financially.

She suggests renting Mill Cottage rather than selling it.

How will Vinny react?

Mandy worries her son if following his father’s footsteps

Vinny admits his life is spiralling
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