Emmerdale fans furious over Ellis Chapman’s exit


EMMERDALE fans are furious over Ellis Chapman’s exit.

The personal trainer – who is played by actor Aaron Anthony in the ITV soap – left the village tonight for a new life in Australia.

Emmerdale’s Ellis Chapman said his goodbyes in tonight’s episode

His exit came after Aaron quit the show following a backstage race row.

With Ellis going, Billy decided to shutter their personal training business before saying goodbye to his brother for good.

But as Ellis went to leave, Priya surprised him with a final goodbye.

“You know I love you, don’t you?” she said.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to beg you to miss your flight, you have to go and take every opportunity that’s thrown at you and I’ll do the same. 

“I know Emmerdale isn’t Australia but there’s stuff I need to do to get back to myself again. 

“You never know, in a few years maybe we’ll meet again.”

“Let’s make it happen,” said Ellis.

Picking up his backpack he added: “Right look after yourselves guys.”

And with that he walked off and out of the house and Emmerdale for good.

However his exit left fans furious.

They were spitting venom that his exit was so lowkey and he wasn’t even given the end of the episode.

One wrote: “I am a huge #Emmerdale fan and huge viewer but the exit for Ellis is poor poor poor!”

A second said: “Well if only things had been different for Ellis and Priya. They did actually love each other. Such a shame what happened. Aaron Anthony did deserve better.”

Another added: “Ellis deserved better. I’m a big fan of him and he and Priya should have got together. #Emmerdale”