Emmerdale fans have the same complaint about 50th anniversary episode as two lives hang in the balance

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EMMERDALE fans have had the same complaint about 50th anniversary episode as two lives hang in the balance.

The ITV soap celebrated its milestone birthday with an hour long episode tonight.

Emmerdale fans have had the same complaint about the 50th anniversary episode

Kim Tate married Will but things soon went awry

It started off calmly enough with Kim Tate riding a horse through the fields around the village while nods were given to characters from years gone by.

Things soon switched up a gear as Kim confronted Harriet over her feelings for soon-to-be husband Will, while Cain raged at Moira for not telling him about late mum Faith’s plan to take her own life.

Kim and Will’s wedding took place without a hitch after the bride made her peace with Harriet, but soon the weather started to change and the village was hit by a storm.

As strong winds battered Emmerdale, Amelia was out in the wilderness and started to get contractions for an early labour.

She tried to call her loved ones but while it didn’t connect, it was enough to worry them and send out a search party.

Harriet took to a quad bike in a bid to find the pregnant teen, while bride Kim was roped in to help search her estate by horse.

Unfortunately for Harriet, the storm sent a tree crashing into her path, launching her down the side of a bank, before the vehicle landed on top of her.

Later, Kim found her and despite dragging her out from under the quad bike, when a lightning strike caused a blast and sent her flying, she knocked her head on a rock and was left unconscious too.

But the big stunts and cliffhanger ending with two lives hanging in the balance still left a number of Emmerdale viewers underwhelmed.

Forgetting there’s a whole week of drama ahead to celebrate the show’s 50th, one viewer wrote on Twitter: “I know #emmerdale is supposed to be dramatic, but it’s so ridiculously filmed that it’s funny.

“Massive wind storm, everything blowing around but the trees in background are hardly moving!”

Another added: “For its 50th anniversary…that episode was shockingly s**t. A whole hour of not much happening.”

A third tweeted: “that felt underwhelming? like nothing interesting happened?? except from chas’s stunning stormy hair x.”

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “All that hype and that’s it! Bit c**p to be honest.”

However, others didn’t agree and felt the episode struck the right balance between big stunts and nods to the show’s history.

One fan wrote: “Omg the way @emmerdale ended tonight, what a great episode. Talk about a cliffhanger #Emmerdale.”

Another shared: “Emmerdale… Well that was an episode and a half!!!!!! Great to see it all cut together.”

A fellow fan tweeted: “Wow! @emmerdale what an episode and I’ll be catching up with the the next few days every morning this coming week.

“Well done to all and again congratulations on 50 amazing years!”

After the ceremony Kim set out to help try and find Amelia in the storm

Harriet was crushed by a quad bike as she helped search for the pregnant teen

Emmerdale is available on ITV Hub.

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