Emmerdale fans havent guessed who Nate Robinson really is says Jurell Carter


EMMERDALE fans have been guessing for months about Nate Robinson’s real identity, but no one has managed to rumble the massive twist in store.

Actor Jurell Carter, who plays the hunky farmhand, says the truth about his character’s secret past will blow viewers away when it is revealed in tonight’s explosive double episode of the ITV soap.

Nate’s true identity will be revealed in tonight’s thrilling episode.
Jurell joined the show in April

Jurell told The Daily Star: There are so many theories out there but when the audience see it they will be shocked.

“I found out about it when I was first cast and I was like: Wow. I dont want to spoil it but its a massive reveal.

Viewers have been theorising for months that Jurell may be a secret Dingle, and possibly either Cain’s secret son or brother.
Jurell’s comments, however, suggest that the twist must be something else altogether.

Cain now knows it is Nate who has been sleeping with his wife
Cain coerces Moira & Nate into his car and soon they pull up at a lakeside pier – they are taking a fishing trip
A huge explosion happens on the lake – will anyone survive?

This week’s explosive week of episodes sees Cain- played by Jeff Hordley- confront Moira (Natalie J Robb) and her lover on a boat, culminating in all hell breaking loose.

As Nate and Cain fight, Moira ends up being thrown overboard.

Then all three lives are in danger when a gas leak sees the boat explode on the lake.

It was like filming a movie. We had stunt coordinators helping us with the fight scenes, and of course theres an explosion.”

Moira and Nate began an affair in the summer
Murderous Cain is out for revenge

Last night viewers saw Cain torture Pete Barton to find out the truth about who his wife is having an affair with.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Jeff Hordley – was furious when his mum Faith told him Moira had been having an affair and jumped to the conclusion it was Pete.

Viewers know Nate is the one Moira is sleeping with but Cain didn’t discover the truth until he literally beat it out of Pete.