Emmerdale fans in shock at incestuous Dingle romp

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EMMERDALE fans are in shock after an incestuous romp between Charity Dingle and cousin Caleb Miligan.

The cousins – who are played by actors Emma Atkins and Will Ash in the ITV soap – ended up in bed together after they both had very bad months.

Charity Dingle kissed her cousin

Charity and Caleb kissed tonight

After being handed his marching orders by a furious Leyla Harding, Caleb was left with no-one even willing to talk to him.

That is until he ran into Charity who was determined to drink her way into forgetting Mack had moved on with Chloe.

Taking him back to her cottage the pair bonded over their horrifying life stories.

Caleb shared he blackmailed his gay son into marrying a woman, cheated on his wife a day after their wedding, got kicked out of his children’s home and is estranged from his entire family.

Charity countered that she married the man who got her granddaughter’s best friend pregnant, was either pregnant or on the game as a young teenager, tried to sell her own son and cheated on her cancer-stricken girlfriend.

But as they bonded over their shared disastrous lives, things took a flirty turn.

“I was 19 when I got married,” Caleb said. 

“I just wanted a home like every other kid my age had. We spent 20 years at each other’s throats but this time I can’t see a passionate reunion on the cards.”

He added: “Every time I’ve got something good going on, I screw it up, two losers together eh?”

With that they began kissing and Charity bedded another one of her relatives leaving fans in shock.

One wrote: “Isn’t Caleb a Dingle? If so, then doesn’t that make Caleb & Charity family?”

A second said: “CALEB AND CHARITY??? HUH.”

Another added: “Ewww just no.”

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