Emmerdale fans shocked as Ethan Anderson outs Luke Posner for using a gay dating app


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Ethan Anderson outed Luke Posner using gay dating apps to his mum Wendy.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Emile John in the ITV soap – discovered Luke was the man who had been messaging him and confronted him in tonight’s episode.

Ethan outed Luke using dating apps to his mum Wendy

“How many genuinely straight blokes pass the time on a gay dating app just for a laugh?” he asked Luke. 

“You reeled me in and it’s sick. What is it you love – the attention or the power? 

“I can’t hear it was just a laugh again so you’re going to have to do better. You did the same thing to Steven and now you’re doing the same thing to Vic.”

Luke insisted he wasn’t gay and tried to get Ethan to keep his secret.

Luke insisted he wasn’t gay and tried to get Ethan to keep his secret

“Look, I get it – I took it too far,” he said. 

“I shouldn’t have sent the photos. I’m trying to apologise here. When you asked to meet up I backed right off – that’s why I blocked you. 

“I like the banter – all I know is that I’m happy with Victoria. Nothing’s going on and I’m not gay either. 

“I haven’t done anything wrong and I haven’t cheated on Vic not once. I don’t have to do anything or face anything. I know what I want and it’s Vic so if you just keep quiet…”

Luke said he’s happy with Victoria

But at that moment Wendy walked in and realised something was wrong as Ethan stormed out she followed him and demanded the truth.

She shouted: “Is there something going on with you and Luke? Are you having an affair?”

Ethan told her: “No. Believe me Wendy there’s nothing going on with me and Luke. 

“He’s been messaging guys on a dating app. Look this isn’t going away Wendy, maybe you need to have words before more people get hurt?”

Wendy suspected Luke was having an affair

Fans were in shock at Ethan casually outing Luke – again.

One wrote: “Why did you tell Wendy Ethan? Luke should of told Wendy about what he has been doing not you? It wasn’t in your place to do that.”

A second said: “Ffs Ethan. IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO SAY THIS.”

Another added: “Ethan just ignore, Luke is struggling to come out don’t push him.”