Emmerdale fans shocked as they spot Kim Tate has 450,000 in her bank account


EMMERDALE fans were left shocked at the fact that Kim Tate has 450,000 in her bank account in last nights episode.

Her secret husband Graham Foster tried to get back what was rightfully his from the businesswoman as he targeted her worker Ryan to get hold of her password to access her funds.

Emmerdale fans shocked as they spot Kim Tate has 450,000 in her bank account

Fans of the popular soap took to Twitter to express their shock at how easy it was for Graham to access Kim’s bank account considering the fact she has a whopping 605,188.00 between her Home Farm and Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits accounts.

One viewer said: “When Graham got into Kim‘s bank account, it was a tad ridiculous. What bank allows you full entry with a single password?”

Another tweeted: “Because it would be that easy in 2020 to sign into a person’s bank account online….. #Emmerdale.”

A third said: “I don’t which bank Home Farm uses but my account security is much higher than that and I haven’t even got any money in it #Emmerdale”

Graham sparked up a conversation which led him to the information he needed

Ryan told Graham the password which gained him access to Kim’s account

Viewers of the ITV soap also applauded his sneaky moves to get the information he needed.

Gotta hand it to Graham…that was a clever move #Emmerdale,” one said.

Smooth Graham, real smooth Great scenes between Graham & Ryan tonight@emmerdale

@andrewscarboro @jamesmooreactor#Emmerdale,” another said.

To get hold of Kim’s account details Graham sparked up a conversation with Ryan about pet names and said: “Just seen something ridiculous on the internet, some person here has decided to call their dog Lord Sausage of Wagging-Tail…”

He continued the chat by asking Ryan if had any pets as a child and went on to open up about his previous relationship with Kim, saying how he always used to argue with his wife over her horses – and she even called them odd names such as Freya.

Ryan mentioned that Kim had an even weirder name for her pet goldfish and although Graham had forgotten what it was called, within seconds he got him to reveal the goldfishes name –Beelzebub.

“That’s right, we always used to joke about it. I mean what kind of child calls a pet a weird name like that” Graham said.

Ryan replied: “Yeah, Beelzebub, seriously?”

Graham smirked as he gained access to her accounts without any hurdles

Kim’s goldfish when she was younger was called Beelzebub

The conniving businessman went back onto the work laptop and logged into Kim’s online banking without any issues.

The screen revealed a staggering 455,100.000 in her Home Farm account and 150,088 in her Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits account.

After finally getting hold of the money, Graham told his accountant over the phone: “The cash went into my account earlier today, the rest will follow.”

He then bumped into Rhona in the cafe who questioned why he’s still working for Kim.

The businessman is currently in a relationship with vet Rhona

Ryan was left confused as money from Kim’s account had been transferred without him knowing about it

He replied: “I’m only there to get what she owes me. We need this cash to start again.

“I promise you, the minute we get enough, I’m out of there. We’ll be set for life.

“But we have to keep it our secret, just for a few more weeks and then we’ve got the rest of our lives together.”

Despite Graham’s best efforts, later that evening Ryan noticed that money had been transferred without purchasing orders and asked Priya: “Do you think I should talk to Kim?”