Emmerdale horror for Mandy Dingle as Vinny’s evil dad Paul finally tracks her down


EMMERDALE’S Mandy Dingle was left horrified tonight as her evil ex Paul tracked her and son Vinny down.

The beautician – who is played by actress Lisa Riley in the ITV soap – got so drunk at Lydia’s hen do that she woke up in a bush in a middle of nowhere and had to hitchhike back to the village.

Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle was not impressed as she came face-to-face with her son’s father

However in her desperation to get back she took the first ride offered – and to her horror saw that ex Paul was driving.

She screamed: “Stop, please stop I’ve got to be at a wedding in 13 minutes and look at the state of me.”

But as the car pulled to a halt, Mandy was left visibly horrified and said: “Oh my God.”

Mandy was in desperate need for a lift back to the Dales so she tolerated her ex Paul
Mandy looked horrified as she realised her ex and Vinny’s father had tracked her down

It soon emerged that the man in the car was Vinny’s dad Paul – and his presence wasn’t good news for Mandy.

“How is this happening? Is this some kind of joke? Paul, what the hell are you doing here?” she asked.

Regardless of who he was, Mandy got into the car and had Paul speed her towards Sam and Lydia’s wedding.

Mandy woke up in a field on the morning of Sam and Lydia’s wedding

He explained: “I just know that this is where your family is or were, and I told myself I’d only ever come and see you if I got myself sorted.

“I’m his dad, I’ve got rights,” he said as Mandy let rip about him abandoning them both when Vinny was just a boy.

“You gave up those rights when you gave up on us. I must have missed you every time you popped around.

“And I’m so sorry Paul that I’ve been so careless misplacing all those maintenance cheques you’ve sent over the past 14 years. Today’s a stroke of luck, shall we call it fifty grand?”

However, despite her jokes, fans were terrified for Mandy now that Paul has found her.

One wrote: “It’s Vinny’s dad, I bet? watch out Mandy #Emmerdale,” while another tweeted: “Welcome @reece_dinsdale
vinnys dad…. Trouble ahead for Mandy I guessing #Emmerdale.”

A third person added: @reece_dinsdale don’t be mean to Mandy Dingle,” while a fourth questioned: “14 years since both Vinnie and Mandy seen his Dad?? Will he recognise him??”