Emmerdale shock as Chloe Harris goes into labour while Charity Dingle issues a chilling warning


EMMERDALE fans are in shock after pregnant Chloe Harris’ waters broke in tonight’s episode.

The teenager – who is played by actress Jessie Elland in the ITV soap – is pregnant with Mackenzie Boyd’s baby after an ill-timed one night stand when he was on a break from Charity Dingle.

Chloe’s waters broke during the latest episode of Emmerdale

Charity – although locked up in cells – is determined to marry Mackenzie

But with Mackenzie and Charity’s wedding due tomorrow, things took a turn tonight.

The happy couple were arrested in a stolen A-Team van while enjoying it at the side of a road.

Banged up in the cells, they were left screaming for freedom to each other and a woman who wouldn’t stop singing.

However back in the village Chloe was left stunned when ahead of her return to Scotland her waters suddenly broke.

As Chloe, Sarah and Matty ran around getting her things together for the hospital, Charity was arguing with another woman in the cells.

“I would not be marrying him if I had a single doubt in my mind,” she said.

“Sometimes I feel like the whole world’s against us. But I’m not going to let anyone or anything stand in the way of our happy ever after.”

But with Charity having pulled off some of the soap’s biggest revenge plots, fans are fearing for Chloe and Mack.

One wrote: “Will Charity find out about Mackenzie & Chloe?!”

A second said: “Mack will loose Charity, she will not stand it – end of.”

Another added: “Was just about to write what are the odds that Chloe will go into labour during or before the wedding and hey presto her waters have just broken!”