Emmerdale spoilers: Desperate Jamie tries to get Andrea back after hunting her down to secret location


JAMIE Tate tries to track down Andrea at her secret location after she goes missing again next week in Emmerdale. 

Andrea disappeared without a trace after exposing her husband’s affair with Belle Dingle. 

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Jamie tries to track down Andrea’s secret location

Emmerdale fans know that Leyla managed to persuade Andrea to come home and leave the hotel she’d been hiding in this week. 

But she was distraught to return to the sight of Jamie and Belle in each other’s arms – and announced she couldn’t stay. 

Later, Jamie stumbled upon Millie in the kitchen – with Andrea nowhere to be seen. 

Jamie is furious when he discovers Leyla has been helping Andrea hide away

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Kim encourage Jamie to move on from Andrea. 

But Kim is later baffled when she receives an anonymous call. 

Later, Jamie sees one of Millie’s pictures revealing that she and Andrea were previously hiding in Take a Vow. 

But Leyla insists she has no idea where Andrea is this time

Realising that Leyla helped Andrea hide, Jamie storms around to ask Leyla where she is. 

But he’s baffled when she tells him she has no idea this time.

Later, Kim tells Jamie about the mystery call she received and Jamie tries to trace it after convincing himself it’ll reveal Andrea’s location.

But could Jamie be walking into something dangerous?

Emmerdale fans were convinced that Andrea was setting Jamie up for murder when she disappeared the first time.

With all the signs pointing towards Jamie, might Andrea frame him for the crime when he arrives at the mystery location next week?

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, actor Alexander Lincoln – who plays Jamie – revealed he doesn’t have much hope for Jamie and Andrea: “With Andrea out of the picture, Jamie has got everything he wants, Millie is back and things are back to normal.”