Emmerdale spoilers: Frankie’s Christening ends in disaster as Tracy Metcalfe storms home


TRACY Metcalfe ruins her own daughter’s Christening next week in Emmerdale as the Dingles clash with Eric Pollard.

The new mum – who is played by actress Amy Walsh in the ITV soap – ends up storming out of the party after the clashes between the two sides of Frankie’s family.

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Tracy has had enough and storms out

It all kicks off after Aaron Dingle is rushed to hospital after being attacked by Eric in Emmerdale.

The mechanic – played by Danny Miller in the popular ITV soap – is left battered and bruised by the cafe owner after he catches him trying to put Brenda’s stolen brooch back in his house.

As viewers will know, Brenda’s brooch went missing last week and the pair tried to figure out who had stolen it.

Brenda immediately accused Eric‘s former flame Faith Dingle of the crime.

The Dingles and Pollard clash

Aaron Dingle ends up in hospital after getting battered by Eric Pollard next week

The fact that she saw him engaged in an intense conversation last week also hasn’t helped Brenda’s feelings towards her.

As Brenda continues to accuse Faith of the misdeed, Aaron can’t help but feel guilty knowing that Mackenzie Boyd is the real thief.

Brenda is still on the look out for her precious brooch

Aaron feels guilty when he realises Brenda is blaming the wrong person

However Mack refuses to give back the precious brooch, making Aaron’s life 10 times more difficult.

So Holey Scrap co-owner decides to steal it off him and put the brooch back where it belongs.

Things take a turn for the worst when Eric catches Aaron in his house and he hits him to the ground with a baseball bat.

A scared Mack visits his pal at hospital and begs him not to tell anyone what he did… but will Aaron agree?

Mackenzie begs Aaron to keep him stealing the brooch to himself

Eric, his son David and Brenda are left scratching their heads when they realise her brooch is back where it belongs.

They put two and two together and realise that Aaron must done it as a favour for Faith.

But Faith is left heartbroken over the fact they think that she’s still the culprit.

The police turn up at Eric’s house… but who do you think they try to arrest?

Eric is in trouble after beating Aaron up with a bat

Meanwhile Eric continues to try and reassure Brenda that he’s not interested in Faith, and only has eyes for her.

But Brenda tells him that she can’t see a future with him unless Faith is out of the picture for good…

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