Emmerdale spoilers: Gun-toting Moira Barton returns to save Matty and Amy from rustler thugs


MOIRA Barton is going to make an explosive return to the village next week in Emmerdale as she grabs and gun and saves her son Matty from a group of thugs.

The farmer – who is played by actress Natalie J Robb in the ITV soap – left the village earlier this month to try and sort herself out after she descended into alcoholism and misery.

Moira saves the day as she takes on the group of thugs single handed

Her affair with Nate Robinson had left her life destroyed but when she left her young son screaming in pain as she passed out drunk, she realised she needed help.

She went to stay with Nanna Barton and left her son Matty in charge of Butler’s farm.

But next week it becomes clear he has been struggling to cope and his estranged step-dad Cain Dingle steps in to warn him about livestock thieves operating in the area.

Matty rejects Cain’s help and instead asks Vinny to help him but it will become clear the thieves are watching the farm.

Matty and Amy are surrounded by the gang of rustlers
The farmer saves her son and his friend

He has no idea the danger he is in until a few days later when he and Amy arrive at the farm to see some sheep escaped from the barn.

And it soon becomes clear who’s responsible when the thieves approach Matty and Amy causing them to flee.

However they soon find themselves surrounded by the entire gang of thugs and things aren’t looking good for them.

But at the last minute a refreshed Moira appears with a loaded gun and it’s obvious that she is not to be trifled with.

Will she be able to save her son and business from the thugs alone?

Moira left the village earlier this month after hitting rock bottom after turning to alcohol to cope with the disaster of her life.

She desperately tried to get ex lover and stepson Nate to leave the village but it backfired and left Cain determined to divorce her.

And later in the week Cain will demand a divorce from her but will she spiral out of control again?