Emmerdale spoilers – Hardcore fans ‘work out’ sensational Chas & Al plot twist; plus Coronation Street & EastEnders news


EMMERDALE viewers believe they’ve worked out a sensational Al & Chas storyline after the pair were finally caught out cheating.

The Woolpack bar manager – who is played by actress Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap – has been carrying on an affair with the businessman.

In Tuesday’s episode, Chas enjoyed a hotel tryst with her scheming lover Al – without realising she had been caught.

As the adulterous pair kissed goodbye in the hotel lobby, it was revealed to viewers that Belle Dingle had witnessed them.

Following the episode, fans believe Kerry will leave the village when she finds out about their affair.

One fan wrote “Looks like Kerry is set to take another break from the show then whilst Laura Norton is on maternity leave. Hopefully, this means that Al and Chas’s affair will get exposed. Paddy deserves to know the truth.”

Another Emmerdale fan tweeted: “Ugh! @emmerdale How much longer have we got to put up with this sordid mess?” Carole fumed.

“When does Laura go on maternity leave? Because Al won’t have anywhere to live then & they’ll have to stop their nauseating booty calls then.”

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