Emmerdale spoilers: Mackenzie Boyd quits the village after Charity Dingle betrayal


TROUBLED waters are ahead for Emmerdale couple Mackenzie Boyd and Charity Dingle.

The Woolpack owner will be betraying her partner, leading to him leaving the eponymous village.

Mackenzie decides to leave the village as Charity fails to commit to him

ITV viewers know that Mackenzie and Charity (played by Lawrence Robb and Emma Atkins) haven’t had the calmest of relationships in the Dales.

But in scenes due on our screens next week, things take a turn for the worst after Charity almost KISSES her former partner Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick).

Downplaying the moment, Vanessa gives Mackenzie some advice and he gets ready to prepare a grand gesture of commitment in a bid to win Charity back.

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Believing it’s the only way to reignite their romance, Mackenzie plans to move in with Charity – much to her horror.

Blindsided by this, Charity is also struggling to keep Vanessa out of her thoughts.

Torn between Vanessa and Mackenzie, Charity fails to commit to living with the latter which prompts him to threaten to move back to Scotland.

Mackenzie takes Charity by surprise when he reveals he really is on his way to leaving the Dales altogether.

This wouldn’t be the first rough patch Mackenzie and Charity have to go through.

Emmerdale fans have seen their tumultuous relationship begin with an illicit kiss, as Charity was still engaged to Vanessa at the time – just as the village vet was battling cancer.

Eventually, Vanessa decided to call it quits with Charity after learning she had kissed Mackenzie.

Mack and Charity only made their relationship official in October, 2021, after he risked his life to save hers during the dramatic events of Survival Week.

He only found she had never been in danger after all after rescuing Meena Jutla from the maze fire.

While all seemed well between them, Mackenzie and Charity’s relationship was put to the test in December, 2021, when Vanessa returned to the village.

Mackenzie has already been unfaithful to Charity as he kissed Dawn in a drunken state, before being set straight by Billy Fletcher.

But will Mackenzie really leave Emmerdale or will Charity stop him just in time?

Will she chose Vanessa instead?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV.

Their relationship had been rocky from the get-go