Emmerdale spoilers: Moiras spiraling alcohol problem explained as she hits new low


MOIRA Barton reaches a new low this Christmas when she ends up spending the festive day all alone.
Moira has been on a downward spiral ever since Cain dumped her for sleeping with his long-lost son and has been turning to the bottle to drown her woes. Here’s everything we know about her alcohol problem so far…

What happens to Moira on Christmas Day in Emmerdale?

Moira is set for a festive shocker on Christmas Day in Emmerdale.

Moiras friends have been dropping like flies since her steamy affair with Nate Robinson.

Her only friend Pete then quit the farm to join Nate at Wylies farm earlier this month.

Pete had been trying to support Moira through her struggles but gave up after she necked a bottle of wine in front of a customer.

Moira reaches a new low on Christmas Day after a tense battle with Cain over her boozing.

Shes devastated – but not surprised – to realise that shes spending the festive day all alone.

Meanwhile, Nate is welcomed with open arms into the Dingles – which only makes Moira feel more worthless.

Why has Moira turned to alcohol in Emmerdale?

Moiras world came crashing down when it was revealed that her lover Nate was Cains long-lost son.

Nate was under the impression that Cain had abandoned him and set his sights on tearing apart Cains family for revenge.

He seduced Moira and slowly ripped apart Cains marriage.

After discovering the affair, Cain was quick to make clear that he couldnt ever forgive Moira and slept with Kerry, enjoying Moiras pain when she walked in and saw them at it.

Unable to cope with losing Cain, Moira has been turning to the bottle to drown her woes.

And Cain dealt Moira a further blow when he told her she wasnt a fit mother to their children while under the influence of alcohol.

Moira promised to prove him wrong, but so far shes struggled to ditch the booze that shes using to cope with her broken marriage.

Will Moira get back together with Cain?

With Nate hanging around the village and worming his way into the Dingles clan, Cain is finding it pretty hard to forget about Moiras steamy affair with his son.

The local hardman is yet to soften and show some understanding towards Moira.

But Cain is hardly a saint when it comes to his relationship track record and fans will know that he cheated on Moira and Charity Dingle multiple times while dating them.

Will Cain stop being a hypocrite and welcome Moira back into his life?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Moira and Cain will reunite, and fans will have to tune in to find out.