Emmerdale spoilers: Police arrest suspect after horrifying survival week death


THE police arrest a suspect after a mystery resident loses their life in Emmerdale’s survival week. 

The ITV show’s explosive Super Soap Soap Week will leave 10 villagers fighting for their lives – and at least one dead – in four deadly stunts including a waterfall disaster. 

The police arrive to arrest someone next week following Super Soap Week
Meena leaves multiple residents fighting for their lives during the survival challenge

Next week, DS Rogers arrives to investigate the death during the survival week. 

It’s not long before a finger is pointed and an arrest is made, but will serial killer Meena Jutla get away her crimes once again?

Emmerdale bosses are keeping tight-lipped about which unfortunate villager loses their life this week as Meena derails the survival challenge. 

With the evil nurse on a mission to take revenge against Victoria for stealing her boyfriend David, the day quickly takes a disastrous turn. 

Viewers will see Meena holding Victoria’s lifeless body under the water, but someone is watching from afar. 

Meena follows the onlooker into the maze, but will she kill anyone that gets in her way?

The week is packed with twists and turns but one thing remains certain – it will end in tragedy for at least one person as Meena takes her revenge. 

It has also been revealed that Meena’s attempt to sabotage Victoria’s abseiling harness ends in disaster when her own sister Manpreet tries to use the damaged harness.

Will Meena risk exposing herself to save her sister?

Meanwhile, on-off lovers Charity and Mack also find themselves when they wander off into the woods in an attempt to win the race.

Mack hears a scream coming from the edge of the pond and sees someone sinking under, but will he save them in time?

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Talking about the stunt week, producer Kate Brooks told HOAR: “It’s an adrenaline rush from the very start as twists and stunts come thick and fast and you can’t catch your breath. 

“The glorious stunning landscapes are utilised and very focal, the brilliant [director] Duncan Foster is brilliant to bring the scripts to life. 

“The week will catapult viewers to the heart of this beautiful but very dangerous environment. 

“There are jaw dropping stunts, rapids and waterfall sequences as we subvert expectations. 

“The denouement is the massive maze. We love stunts but it’s not just about the ambitious and impressive stunts – at the heart of the week lie relationships, secrets, hearts broken and with Meena involved and hellbent on revenge on Victoria, not everyone will get out alive.”

Meena is out for revenge against Victoria this week