Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk plans to flee the village with Graham and Leo behind Marlons back


EMMERDALES Rhona Goskirk finalises her escape plan with Graham and Leo – behind Marlons back.

Graham has a number of enemies in the village and has convinced Rhona to move abroad with him in an attempt to escape their wrath.

Rhona decides it’s time to leave the village behind Marlon’s back

Emmerdale viewers will know that Rhona and Graham have come up against a number of obstacles while planning their escape from the village.

Fans watched Marlon angrily confront Rhona on Christmas Day about her plans to steal Leo away from him and run off to France.

He told her she was on very dodgy legal ground, before shouting at her repeatedly that she wasnt going.

Viewers will also know that Graham complicated matters further on Christmas Day after discovering he was in fact not the father of Millie following a DNA test.

Rhona comes clean to Vanessa about her secret escape plan

He interrupted the festivities at the Tates to deliver presents and bombshells, exposing Andrea and Kims lies to a devastated Jamie.

In an upcoming episode, Marlon arrives to pick Leos PE kit up from Rhona, visibly sad about his broken friendship with Rhona.

Later, Rhona is panicked when she realises Leos passport isnt where she left it.

Marlon is gobsmacked when Rhona confronts him over its disappearance and putting two and two together, guesses shes still planning on whisking Leo away.

Later, Graham seems to be having doubts when Rhona announces she wants them to leave on Monday – will they make it to France?

Emmerdale fans will know that Graham and Rhonas escape plan is doomed as Graham is set to be murdered in an explosive whodunnit early in 2020.

The brooding former butler will be brutally killed in the hard-hitting storyline as he tries to leave the village.