Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny rejects mum Mandy as Paul reveals his true colours and makes a mysterious phone call


VINNY rejects mum Mandy when she wrongly accuses Paul of stealing charity money next week in Emmerdale. 

After driving a wedge between Vinny and Mandy, viewers will then see Paul – who is played by Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – make a suspicious phone call. 

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Mandy vows to show Vinny that Paul can’t be trusted

Viewers know that Mandy is struggling to forgive her ex Paul after he abandoned Vinny as a baby and left him in her care. 

When Paul first rocked up in the village earlier this year and demanded to see Vinny, Mandy tried to pretend he no longer lived here. 

But Paul was having none of it and eventually introduced himself as Vinny’s father after getting to know him by pretending to be Vinny’s new mate called ‘Alex’.

Mandy accuses Paul of stealing charity money from David’s shop
David reveals he simply displaced the money

And next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Mandy grow determined to prove to Vinny that Paul can’t be trusted. 

When David announces the ‘find the ball’ competition winner at the shop, Mandy spots Paul eyeing up the envelope full of donations that David has been collecting.

When the charity collection later disappears, Mandy is quick to jump to conclusions and assume that Paul has stolen it. 

Paul promises Vinny that nothing will separate them ever again
Mandy tries to apologise to Paul

Vinny is stunned to hear Mandy’s accusations and Paul is stung when Mandy confronts him about stealing the charity money. 

When they head to the shop, David finds that the charity money was simply displaced. 

Vinny is furious and warns Mandy not to make him choose between her and Paul. 

Paul assures Vinny that he won’t let anything come between them again, and orders Mandy to leave when she arrives to apologise. 

Vinny is furious with Mandy and orders her to leave

But later, Paul makes a mysterious phone call. 

What is he up to and has he really changed?

Speaking to the Mirror online recently, actor Reece Dinsdale revealed his character’s motives for coming back into Mandy and Vinny’s life after all these years.

Talking about Paul and Mandy, he said: “They’re so very alike, two peas in a pod but it becomes apparent that there’s a massive connection between them both.

“Whether it be their sense of humour or sexual chemistry, he knows it was never as good as it was with Mandy.

“He wants to make amends, and at the back of his mind it’s that, ‘I love this lass, she’s fantastic’.”

Reece continued: “He knows she is not gonna be a pushover. He thinks it is worth persevering with her, he knows how good she was for him in the past, and realises very quickly how good she’s been for Vinny.”