Emmerdale vet Jamie’s dad could be Kim Tate’s ex Dave Glover says Claire King as she revisits classic episodes


EMMERDALE star Claire King has today revealed how Kim Tate’s ex Dave Glover could be her son Jamie’s dad.

Fans of the show in the 90s will remember Kim and Dave’s passionate love affair, behind her husband Frank’s back.

Claire King has been reminiscing about her Emmerdale character Kim Tate

Today the actress has been reflecting on how her character Kim could have had her lover’s baby, but led people to believe Jamie was Frank’s son.

Speaking to ITV Claire said: “I think she still believes that it was possibly Dave’s baby.

“Frank went to get a test done but he had to bribe them so there’s still that grey area although Jamie thinks Frank’s his father and Kim’s let that ride.

“I think in her heart of heart she still thinks there’s a possibility it could be his. He was definitely the love of her life up until Graham.

Kim and Dave Glover had a steamy affair on Emmerdale in 1995

“With his death you’ve seen how affected she was by it and she’s realised she didn’t make her feelings known to him as she should have done, as she really did care for him but I doubt as much as she did for Dave, I think it’s fair to say Dave was her one.

Class episodes of Emmerdale from 1995 are currently airing on ITV3 at lunchtime and see Kim embark on a passionate affair with Dave, behind Frank’s back.

Kim’s affair with Dave is a storyline that Claire remembers fondly.

Claire think’s that Kim’s son Jamie could be Dave’s son as well

She said: “It was one of those that gripped everybody.

“It was as shame that Ian Kelsey decided to leave and died in a fire, but as he says he probably had a twin brother that could always come back.

“They were a great couple and worked well together. They were good, fun times. If anyone could come back I would love it to be him.”

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