Emmerdale viewers open-mouthed as Jai Sharma finally learns the truth about his real dad

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EMMERDALE viewers were left stunned after Rishi Sharma revealed the truth about Jai Sharma’s biological dad after he made a bombshell discovery.

Jai (played by Chris Bisson) was left reeling after finding his birth certificate which said he officially became the son of one Rishi Sharma, as in dad, meaning he was adopted.

Jai found his birth certificate that read he was adopted by Rishi

Jai revealed to Rishi that he knows the truth about his adoption

Jai was furious about being lied to

Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) was shocked as Jai realised: “My whole life has been a lie.”

Tonight’s episode saw Jai reveal to Rishi (Bhasker Patel) that he knows he adopted him and demanded answers.

Rishi explained to Jai that his mum had a one-night stand with a mystery man shortly before they met.

After finding out she was pregnant with Jai, Rishi married her and raised him as his own.

Rishi revealed that Jai’s real dad doesn’t even know he exists as they failed to contact him after their fling.

Jai was shocked at the news, but also felt like he was still being lied to.

He suggested to call his mum asking for the truth about his dad, but Rishi insisted not to ambush her.

A furious Jai demanded Rishi to stay away from him until he can be honest with him the reveal the whole truth.

ITV viewers were left open-mouthed by Rishi’s revelation about Jai’s birth father.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Why do I have a feeling Jai’s father may probably be his uncle or even worst, his grandfather? Rushi’s face says it all.”

Another wrote: “Rishi you need to tell Jai the whole truth. As he has the right to know.”

A third penned: “I thought a long time ago that Jai looked absolutely nothing like Rishi.”

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