Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate to turn ‘ruthless’ to fight back against blackmailing wife Andrea


EMMERDALE’s Jamie Tate will turn “ruthless” to fight back against blackmailing wife Andrea.

Desperate to remain with her husband, Andrea is using Jamie’s secret of running Moira over against him and will tell the police if he doesn’t stay in a relationship with her.

Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate wants to be with Belle Dingle – and will begin to fight back against his blackmailing wife Andrea

Now Emmerdale star Alexander Lincoln has revealed his character is still eyeing a future with Belle Dingle – and will begin to rally against his scheming wife in order to be with Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper).

Tonight, he tricks Andrea into believing he wants to be with her – but it’s all part of his longterm game plan.

Alexander told Digital Spy: “For the time being it’s hard for Jamie because he doesn’t really see a way out of this! But in the back of his head – or at least in my interpretation of it – he’s always wanting to get back with Belle.

“Wanting to tell Belle the truth is in the forefront of his mind the entire time.

Andrea is consumed by jealousy and hatred for Belle

“There are moments where he wants to tell Belle right away, but he’s sidetracked by Andrea or blackmailed again. But Belle is in the forefront of his mind.”

Tonight, Jamie is spurred on to put his plan into action when he sees how easily Jai Sharma deals with interviewing his partner Laurel.

At the HOP Office, with Kim temporarily leaving the village Jamie joins Jai to interview the candidates for the management job at The Hide. 

Jamie watches Jai be ultra professional as he interviews his girlfriend and afterwards Jamie asks Jai for advice. 

Jamie is determined to be with Belle

Soon he arrives home emboldened by Jai’s advice and convinces Andrea he wants to be with her, covering his true feelings of hate. 

The next morning Andrea’s in a state of bliss with Jamie and fails to notice his mask slip as he heads out.

Alexander continued: “Kim is away, so she has asked Jamie to sit on The Hide interviews for a manager and assistant manager. Jai puts on this stern exterior with all of the applicants – including Laurel, who obviously Jai is in a relationship with.

“Jamie sees this and is interested in how Jai can put this mask on, then remove it when he sees fit. Jai helps Jamie to realise that you can essentially lie to people and make them see your way of thinking, either through flattery or intimidation.

“It gives Jamie a new lease of life. He feels stronger in his position and he realises that he can manipulate Andrea into believing that he wants to be with her.”

Emmerdale continues tonight on ITV at 7pm.