Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle star pays emotional tribute as beloved cast member leaves soap


EMMERDALE actor Mark Charnock has paid tribute to a “wonderful” co-star as they revealed their soap exit.

The Marlon Dingle star, 53, whose character recently suffered a devastating stroke, took to his Twitter page to wish the actress well.

Emmerdale actor Mark Charnock has paid tribute to a ‘wonderful’ co-star as they left the ITV soap
Mark’s character Marlon Dingle recently suffered a devastating stroke

Mark’s character has shared many a scene with Elizabeth Boag, who plays nurse Gail, of late.

Yet she told how her time in the Dales had come to a close.

In an emotional Tweet, she wrote: “Bye Gail! Thank you @markcharnock, @ZoeHenry03, all the cast, crew and casting team @emmerdale. Loved every minute!”

Mark was quick to reply, as he wrote: “You were wonderful in the part, Liz! Just superb xx.”



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Yet her departure doesn’t necessarily mean Marlon’s health woes have come to a close.

In further bad news, upcoming spoilers show the Emmerdale chef suffer from a major setback in his recovery, as he struggles to breathe after a terrible mistake.

It came as Marlon is busy adjusting to his new life in Smithy Cottage upon his return from hospital.

his fiancée Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) is excited to get back to work, leaving Marlon alone with Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards).

Coming up, Bear takes Marlon on a visit to the allotment.

But a concerning cough from the latter prompts village GP Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) to suggest Marlon should be taken to hospital.

Bear is mortified at the way the day has turned out and he explains everything to Rhona.

But Rhona is more cross at her mother for allowing Marlon out.

In the hospital, Rhona’s sick with worry to learn Marlon has developed aspiration pneumonia.

The chef is wearing a breathing mask as his coughing worsens and is distraught when he sees the concern in Rhona’s eyes that his condition is worse than she lets on.

This is a setback in his recovery as the doctor informs him and Rhona the following day.

According to the doctor, the pneumonia will likely make Marlon’s progress regress and the couple are heartbroken by the step backwards.

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Elsewhere, Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) is taken aback to hear his father Bear blame himself over Marlon’s predicament.

Previously, Rhona’s mother Mary, who reportedly hides a dark past, had suggested Rhona should separate from Marlon, with her daughter unable to handle her parent’s insensitivity.

His character has been well looked-after by Nurse Gail, who is leaving the Dales

Marlon will sadly face a setback as he recovers at home

He is whisked back to hospital after developing aspiration pneumonia