Former Coronation Street Star Claims Speaking Out Cost Him His Career and Comfortable Lifestyle


Controversial Social Media Posts Lead to Career Downfall

Former Coronation Street star Sean Ward has revealed that his controversial opinions on social media have cost him his career and a £120k salary on the popular ITV show. Ward, who played bad boy Callum Logan, began angering fans with his offensive posts a couple of years ago.

From Red Carpet to Friends' Floors

Ward recently took to Instagram to share the reality of his current situation. In a heartfelt post, he admitted that he now sleeps on friends' floors and earns only a fraction of his previous income. He described the drastic change from earning £120k a year to just £12k as unfathomable to most people.

A Moral Necessity

Despite the challenges he's faced, Ward remains determined to build a life he can be proud of. He explained that he felt it was a moral necessity to use his platform to speak out against what he perceived as propaganda. While he acknowledges that he has spiraled out of control at times, he is committed to staying on a positive path.

Struggles and Arrest

Ward's struggles have extended beyond his career. In August 2021, he was arrested during a protest in London. He also revealed that he had to give up his four-bedroom house as he struggled to find work. Despite these setbacks, Ward remains hopeful and has expressed his gratitude for the support he has received.

A Return to Acting

Although Ward's acting career has taken a hit, he remains determined to return to the industry when the time is right. He acknowledges that the road ahead may be challenging, but he is proud of his progress and encourages others who may be facing similar struggles to remember that they are not alone.

Sean Ward was nominated for the British Soap Awards in 2015 for his roles in Coronation Street.