Tyrone Dobbs’ Coronation Street Exit Revealed as Mum Cassie Plummer Schemes


Fiz Stape Set for Festive Reunion with Husband

FIZ Stape left Weatherfield earlier this year for a new job opportunity in Norfolk and is finally set for a festive reunion with her husband.

Unexpected Plan from Cassie Plummer

But just as Tyrone Dobbs leaves Coronation Street, his mother Cassie Plummer hatches an unexpected plan. What will she do?

Is Cassie Plummer Up to No Good?

With Tyrone gone, she spends time with Roy. The café owner experiences a health setback.

Fiz Sent Away for Another Job

While he was trying to take over the Underworld factory in the hopes of solving his financial troubles, Stephen Reid sent Fiz Stape away to take on another job. As ITV viewers will recall, the fan favourite packed up her things and waved her loved ones a temporary goodbye as she set off to Norwich. Since then, she has been keeping in touch with her family and her husband Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) while, off-screen, Jennie McAlpine welcomed a third child with her husband Chris Farr.

Fiz and Tyrone Pushed into a Reunion

But in scenes due to air, Fiz and Tyrone are finally pushed into a reunion. It all begins when Tyrone’s grandmother Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) calls at No.9 and suggests to Tyrone he takes the girls to Norfolk to see Fiz while she spends Christmas with Roy Cropper (David Neilson). Realising that leaves her daughter Cassie (Claire Sweeney) on her own, Evelyn reluctantly invites her to join them. Cassie has struggled with her drug addictions since she first showed up in the Manchester-based program, making her one of the most volatile characters yet in the cobbles. Despite their complicated relationship and her lack of faith in her, Evelyn tries her best to keep an eye on Cassie. However, Evelyn is then met with another problem as Roy’s health is clearly not in good shape. In the café, Roy suffers a spasm in his back, prompting Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) to help him upstairs whilst Evelyn pops on a pinny and assures Roy she’ll cover his shift.

Roy's Health Takes a Nasty Turn?

Fan favourite Roy Cropper has encountered health issues earlier this year, which ultimately led him to be diagnosed with angina. Could his health be taking another nasty turn?

Cassie's Gift Idea from Roy

Meanwhile, Cassie comes up with a gift idea from Roy to Evelyn. Later on, Roy confides in Cassie that he’s located the Christmas present for Evelyn. Cassie insists that she’ll accompany him on his shopping trip but when the Woody won’t start Cassie comes up with a plan. Is everything really as it seems with Cassie? Could she bring more trouble to Tyrone, Evelyn, and the rest of her long-lost family? Will she leave Roy in a predicament?

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Could Cassie Bring Trouble to the Café Owner and Her Mother?