Furious Kim Tate confronts Caleb Milligan after shock move in Emmerdale

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CALEB Milligan has been trying to take Kim Tate’s millions after being revealed as her late husband Frank’s illegitimate son.

But the jig appears to be up for the schemer next week in Emmerdale as the businesswoman furiously confronts him.

Kim Tate confronts Caleb Milligan next week

Have his plans been foiled?

Will he reveal who he truly is?

Desperate to save himself from bankruptcy, Caleb (played by Will Ash) rocked up the Dales with every intention of stealing from Kim (Claire King), blaming her for killing his father Frank.

To do so, Caleb found a way into Kim’s laptop by installing malware on to the device in an attempt to get all of her passwords and clear out her funds.

Coming up on ITV next week, Kim logs into her bank account unaware that Caleb is also secretly hacking his in way too.

He elatedly discovers the last password he needs to take all her money and gets ready to take his plan to the next level.

Before long, Kim joins Caleb to look over the Stud Farm plans and she asks him to arrange for the architect Adrian to visit.

Caleb soon tells his overwhelmed son Nicky (Lewis Cope) that the goal posts have moved once again – they’ll need to play a longer game to get what they want.

The following day, Caleb is quietly smug when he introduces his business partner to Kim and the pair hit it off immediately.

But all hell breaks loose for Caleb when he hears that his son Nicky has pulled out of his wedding to Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) as the pressure became too much for him to handle.

An explosive altercation ensues during which Caleb punches Nicky in the face before ordering him to take the fall when he empties the Home Farm accounts.

Caleb tries to save what remains of his plans and tries to get in touch with Adrian to fast track everything but he’s alarmed when he logs in to Kim’s bank accounts to find them all empty.

Soon enough, Caleb’s suave and friendly façade slips when an angry Kim shows up.

Is time up for Caleb and Nicky?

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Caleb has been trying to steal Kim Tate’s fortune

How will he react to Kim confronting him?