Gabby Thomas takes drastic action to seduce Nicky in Emmerdale

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HOME Farm nanny Nicky is determined to keep things strictly professional despite his attraction to Gabby Thomas.

However, she has other plans for him and makes another move next week on Emmerdale.

Gabby is clearly smitten with Nicky

She does what she can to get his attention

However, Nicky is rejecting her advances

The young mother portrayed by Rosie Bentham made it clear to her new employee that she had been harbouring feelings for him but she was immediately rejected by Nicky.

In a surprising twist, the nanny (Lewis Cope) eventually came clean and admitted to Gabby that the attraction was mutual.

Yet upon reminding himself that she was his boss, Nicky told Gabby he couldn’t embark on a romance with her due to his position as a Home Farm employee.

But in scenes due on ITV next week, Gabby grows increasingly frustrated with Nicky and is still hoping for something more with him.

Nicky stands his ground and continues to brush off her advances, prompting her to come up with a plan to ignite a spark with him.

Gabby asks Nicky to zip up her dress and, knowing his eyes are all over her, she’s pleased to finally be getting somewhere with him.

But that’s only the first step in her plan.

As she comes to the realisation that Nicky is only reluctant to start anything with her due to her being his boss, Gabby has an idea and temporarily fires him so they can have their fun.

Unfortunately, she’s left floundering when an unimpressed Nicky makes the decision to quit, tired of the games.

Nicky has been a cause for swooning and concern for viewers of the Yorkshire-based drama.

Many of them believe the newcomer is too good to be true after he was hired as a nanny for Gabby’s son Thomas and Dawn Fletcher’s own children.

A handful of fans are convinced Nicky may be in cahoots with Caleb Milligan and that the pair are looking to avenge DI Malone.

Could a secret plan be stopping Nicky from moving forward with Gabby?

Is he hiding something?

Or could he simply be trying to stick to his values by rejecting her?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

Gabby decides to come up with a plan

But it spectacularly backfires
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