Great British Menu viewers all have the same complaint about ‘ridiculous’ EastEnders crossover


GREAT British Menu viewers all had the same complaint about a meal which paid homage to BBC soap, Eastenders.

The latest instalment of the BBC show saw chefs from London and the South East create some impressive dishes inspired by Britain’s iconic TV shows.

The Great British Menu saw chef Tony Parkin make a dish inspired by Eastenders

Fans of the BBC show were left unimpressed with Michelin star chef Tony Parkin’s dish, which he created to honour the beloved London-based soap.

Tony created a celeriac puree with braised mushroom, blackberries, crispy kale and roasted venison loin.

“It’s to celebrate EastEnders being such an iconic programme.. a lot more people should be eating Fallow deer,” Tony told the judges, including host Andi Oliver.

Tony’s fellow competitor Harvey Perttola joked: “I don’t think Peggy has seen food like this before.”

Harvey was referring to Eastenders’ iconic character, Peggy Mitchell played by legend Barbara Windsor.

Peggy was the landlady of the local Queen Vic pub which Tony plated up his dish in front of a photo of the well-known watering hole.

The judges told Tony: “I think the reference is a bit weak, I’d like a little bit more with the relationship to the brief,” and then added the venison was a “little bit too rare”.

Viewers watching at home agreed the link was ‘tenuous’ and slammed the crossover.

“That Great British Menu EastEnders food is ridiculous, what has it got to do with EastEnders? nothing….” complained one fan on Twitter.

“Catching up with #greatbritishmenu . The links with the brief just get worse. Venison has nothing to do with EastEnders, you need to do more than just serve it with a picture of the Queen Vic.”

“Jesus these links to the brief are getting increasingly tenuous. How do venison faggots have anything to do with Eastenders? It’s called Bench of Tears and yet the bench doesn’t appear anywhere in the presentation. Weak 3/10. #GreatBritishMenu.”

The Great British Menu will see 32 chefs in total representing eight different regions or nations.

It will highlight the outstanding culinary talent across the UK with chefs going head to head in a bid to get a spot at the coveted banquet.

  • The Great British Menu airs on BBC
His dish was a celeriac puree with braised mushroom, blackberries, crispy kale and roasted venison loin

Tony said ‘a lot more people should be eating fallow deer’

The Great British menu sees chefs from around the country compete