Hollyoaks blasted for ‘copying’ EastEnders and ‘making a huge mistake’ with tragic death plot


HOLLYOAKS has been blasted for copying rival BBC soap EastEnders with terminal cancer storyline.

Juliet Nightingale (played by Niamh Blackshaw) received devastating news that her cancer is terminal in heart-breaking scenes on the Channel 4 soap.

Hollyoaks’ Juliet was told her cancer had spread

Juliet was sent home to spend her final days surrounded by her family and friends

Similarly Lola was told her cancer was terminal in EastEnders

The doctors told Juliet that her cancer had spread and she is not well enough to continue chemotherapy.

They said they will be sending her home to spend her final days there, as there are no further treatment options.

Upcoming scenes will see the Nightingale family go through their own journeys as they try to process the devastating news as well as support Juliet during her final days.

The troubled teen had been receiving treatment for cancer since her diagnosis in late 2022. 

The soap has worked with the charity Teenage Cancer Trust to accurately portray Juliet’s cancer storyline.

Hollyoaks have also launched a campaign named ‘Ode to Juliet,’ which invites viewers to share their own cancer stories, memories and bereavement journeys.

However, the soap has been accused of copying rival soap EastEnders who also has a cancer storyline playing out at the moment.

Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold) found out she had a brain tumour on the BBC soap.

After months of treatment, she was told it wasn’t working and she was terminal.

One fan wrote: “This is just Hollyoaks trying to copy Eastenders by rushing through another storyline.

“Lola’s exit has been done far better than Juliet’s which has been rushed for dramatic box ticking purposes rather than telling a story.”

But some disagreed as another fan added: “Having a character die from illness is hardly an original story that EastEnders came up with and own the copyright to.

“All the soaps cover terminal illness stories. It doesn’t mean that one is desperately copying the other.

“I know people like to throw any criticism they can at Hollyoaks, but this one does seem a stretch.”

Meanwhile others are saying killing Juliet off is a mistake, as one penned: “Juliet’s one of the best young characters in soapland. Killing her is a mistake.”

Another commented: “It’s a true loss for the soap.”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights from 6:30pm on Channel 4.