Hollyoaks Cast Outraged Over Axe of Soap Legend


Backstage Chaos Unfolds

Hollyoaks is facing backstage chaos as the cast expresses fury over the decision to axe a longstanding show legend. Stephanie Waring, known for her 28-year role as Cindy Cunningham, confirmed that she was cut as part of a 20-person cast cull on the Channel 4 soap opera.

Longest-Serving Female Character Axed

Stephanie Waring, the show's longest-serving female character, was left heartbroken after being given the boot. She expressed disappointment and shock at the decision, having played Cindy since 1996.

Cast Left Worried and Upset

A source revealed that many cast members are furious and worried about their own futures on the soap after seeing how Stephanie was treated. The news has caused a stir on the set of the Chester-based show.

Major Overhaul and Budget Cuts

Hollyoaks is undergoing significant changes, including a reduction in episodes, a shift to E4, and budget cuts. The recent cast cull is part of a broader effort to revamp the show amid falling ratings and financial concerns.

High-Profile Exits Continue

Stephanie Waring's axing is just one in a series of high-profile exits from Hollyoaks. With 20 actors being cut and a 'time-jump' storyline in the works, the soap is facing a major shakeup. Fans have already bid farewell to several beloved characters, with more departures expected in the coming weeks.