Hollyoaks fans convinced Liam Donovan will be killed off at his own devil’s dinner party


HOLLYOAKS fans are convinced that Liam Donovan is going to be killed off – at his own sinister “devil’s dinner party”.

The Channel 4 villain, who wound up in the gutter in last night’s episode, is on the brink of meeting a nasty end, according to viewers.

Fans are convinced that Liam will be the one who dies at his own dinner party

A new poll on Digital Spy saw him voted the character most likely to die at the event, just ahead of Mercedes McQueen.

Fans on Twitter seem to agree, with one person writing: “Remember when all we had to worry about was mcnight but now it’s likely that Liam’s gunna die.”

Another added: “Looking more and more likely Liam is gonna die so uh…”

While someone else guessed: “I’d be surprised if Liam doesn’t die.”

Liam ended up in the gutter on last night’s episode

HOAR revealed earlier this month that Liam would gather all his enemies together in the Dog as part of a sinister storyline about to hit our screens.

Among the foes expected to be invited for his “devil’s dinner party” are James Nightingale, Grace Black, Warren Fox and Maxine Minniver.

His downfall has already begun and during last night’s episode he wound up in the gutter after getting drunk.

The scene held stark echoes of the death of Jesse, who keeled over in the street after a night of drinking at The Loft in January.

Mercedes and Warren are invited to his dinner party – but viewers think they will survive

Liam was then shown being visited by the many people in the village who hate him, starting with Mercedes McQueen and Warren Fox.

She giggled: “Ah, isn’t this a fitting tribute to your brother. Smashed. On the pavement, in the gutter. Do you think he’s going to wet himself.”

Warren added: “You’ve not even hit rock bottom yet. I’ll tell you this: I am going to torment you until you love me.”
Next, Maxine Minniver, who Liam had ordered to drug Warren, arrives and aims a wad of bank notes at him.

She raged: “Here’s your money from today. I hope you choke on your own bile and then I’ll be free of you.

“I didn’t put the last nail in Jesse’s coffin so I shouldn’t be in debt to you.”